KIMILI: About Us

Imagine adorning yourself with the same jewels that beautified the royals of ancient civilization thousands of years ago. Enamelled jewellery created through the cloisonné technique—practised by artisans in past millennia—is within your reach with KIMILI. Referred to as “minankari” in Georgia, our home base, this traditional form of jewellery-making has not lost its allure from generation to generation. As in the case of precious metal jewellery, items produced through this process have become family heirlooms.

Such is the value of each KIMILI jewellery piece that gets into your hands. Every ring, bracelet, pendant, brooch, and pair of earrings is carefully hand-crafted with the wearer's empowerment in mind—to express one's identity, values, and aspirations.


KIMILI brings you the chance to discover the beauty of the traditional Georgian jewellery-making process and what makes every individual item a wearable art masterpiece that defies trends.

Our talented and dedicated designers and artisans are the best in their craft. They combine their creativity, eye for detail, precise hand skills, and patience to ensure that the elements on each jewellery piece appear sharp, brightly coloured, and simply exquisite. Although KIMILI aims for timeless designs, our team also stays updated with current jewellery styles to come up with elegant creations that don't appear gaudy. 

Every piece of KIMILI jewellery is a product of our handcrafted heritage, painstakingly created for hours to embody the finest “minankari” artisanship. It's a magnum opus that you can gift to yourself or someone dear to your heart. The appeal of our tasteful designs transcends age, gender, and culture.

Looking Into the Future

KIMILI supports the movement to keep “minankari” alive within and beyond the Georgian borders. We envision the establishment of a KIMILI Creative Hub in the national capital of Tbilisi, where students and designers can take a master class and create their own jewellery. We’ll open the classes to cultural travellers who’d like to learn more about the artistic heritage of Georgia, discover their own talent, and connect with the local community.

Discover KIMILI's unique creations by viewing our collection. Or get in touch with us for personalised jewellery.