Amethyst Half Moon Pendant

"This is a lovely pendant which is very well made.
I had already bought the earrings and the set very pretty"

Diana on 26 Jul, 2020. Review from Kimili Shop on Etsy

Cloisonné Enamel Earrings with Ornaments

"These earrings were beyond my expectations. SO BEAUTIFUL! Expertly made and comfortable too. I love them so much. Terrific customer service and fast delivery to Australia. Thank you very much. :)"

Anna, 20th Sep, 2020. Review from Kimili Shop on Etsy

Frida Kahlo Statement Ring

"I bought the Frida Kahlo ring for my wife. It is BEATIFUL. I made her very happy, so thank you."

Ferenc on 13 Aug, 2020. Review from Kimili Shop on Etsy

About Us

KIMILI is a start-up from an amazing little country Georgia, known for its rich history, traditions, beautiful nature, friendly people, and cradle of wine. The skills of making Cloisonné (which is French word for “partition”) Enamel Jewelry have passed from generation to generation for over 1,200 years.

KIMILI's ambition is to bring Georgian cloisonné enamel jewelry to the world. At KIMILI we couple old traditions with modern trends. Our design team is a mix of established, nationally well known to upcoming young designers ready to break traditional boundaries. Each item goes through an extensive screening process to ensure quality, which is reflected in our customers feedback, with 5 star ratings on Etsy.