Wearable Art Jewellery

Enamelled jewellery created through the cloisonné technique—practiced by artisans in past millennia—is within your reach with KIMILI. Referred to as “minankari” in Georgia, our home base, this traditional form of jewellery-making has not lost its allure from generation to generation. As in the case of precious metal jewellery, items produced through this process have become family heirlooms.

KIMILI brings you the chance to discover the beauty of the traditional Georgian jewellery-making process and what makes every individual item a wearable art masterpiece that defies trends.

Lisbeth Hydrick

"They are beautiful! Picture nails it, and quality is wonderful. I will enjoy wearing for years!"

Susan Beckett

"These earring are exquisite, incredible detail and unique, just love them".


"So beautiful!!! And best Service and communication!!! Thank you so much!!!

Susan Beckett

"Beautiful and unique, I bought these earrings as a birthday gift, however I love them so much i do feel an urge to keep them. I will buy other items from this talented artist."


"Kimili was wonderful in all ways. Communication, creating a custom piece from my logo, quality, shipping everything! THANK YOU so much Diana and Kimili 💜"


"Absolutely stunning and only wish I’d ordered more!"