Customised Jewellery

 Do you have a design inspiration? We can create stunning bespoke jewellery using your concept. Select from these three customization options:

  • Personalized Jewellery
Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or any other milestone with KIMILI jewellery. We can engrave a name, a message and a date on a jewellery piece of your choice.
  • Customized Jewellery
Has an item in our collection caught your fancy but you prefer it another colour or shape? Or perhaps you'd like a specific design or artwork to appear on it? Share your idea with us, and we will render a customized version of the jewellery piece.
  • Special Project

Would you like to “wear” an artwork depicting your life partner or favourite artist? Are there objects or scenes in nature or visual media that you'd like our designers to interpret artistically through “minankari”? Contact us and let us work together on this special project.


We look forward to collaborating with you. For more information, send us a message below or contact us at